Rapid Response Counselling

1. RBI – Rapid Response Counselling support

RBI provide a professional confidential counselling service with a unique rapid response intervention (within 24 hours). This is unrivalled and can be provided because we will only work with a selected number of organisations at any given time. This ensures that the service to your people is not negatively affected at any time by overload.

How it works – Rapid Response employee counselling service – within 24 hours

Within 24 hours of contacting RBI an employee will have completed a telephone assessment and the first appointment is set up at a time that suits the employee (includes evenings and weekends if required)
RBI competent counsellors are experienced member of Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (IACP)

2. Bespoke supports for organizations

Across the industry sectors there are thousands of job specifications and related activities. While there is a level of stress in all walks of life and work, some work activities do expose employees to more stress than others e.g. health care retail sector financial services call centres and others.

In these cases RBI support organizations and HR teams that have identified challenges and support them to select suitable solutions and bespoke interventions to mitigate the risks associated with the activity in a cost effective manner.

For further information please contact michael@rbi.ie